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We went to London to visit the Queen

Back in December we told you about our invitation to The Queens Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, well what a day!

1st June 2017, we got the train from Birmingham International to London Euston with huge thanks to Virgin Trains for providing us with complimentary tickets for our travel.  We travelled to London with Libby's Nanny Sue and Grandad Cliff and Libby's brother Riley who was going on a trip round London with his Nanny and Grandad while we went to visit The Queen.  We arrived at Euston and got a Black Cab to Buckingham Palace where we got in the queue wih the other lucky ladies and gentlemen that were also going to the garden party.   Gates opened and we walked accross the courtyard, through the house and into the enormous gardens where we were greeted by HRH's Guards.  

Her Majesty was due to enter the garden at 4pm so at around 3.30pm we walked towards the tea tents to take up poisition, there were already crowds formed and somehow we managed to get front row positions on the walkway that the Queen would take to The Royal Tea Tent.  In scorching sun we waited and waited and it was at about 4.45pm that Her Majesty reached us, we were about 2ft away and could hear her talking to the ladies and gentlemen who had been selected to meet and talk to her.  Once she had passed us we went to the tea tent and got some lunch and then went and sat in the garden and enjoyed the views and the atmosphere.

We felt highly honoured to be at Buckingham Palace and we were in great company too.

It was a day that will stay with us forever and a day that we will always be proud to tell people about.

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