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This charity supports the necessary medical equipment need to look after babies on neonatal units across the Midlands. These range from ventilators to support their breathing, incubators to keep them warm, through to infusion pumps for fluids and monitors. They have sponsored one of the intensive care  rooms in Birmingham Women’s Hospital where  Libby received her care. they have also donated significantly  towards the purchase of a transport incubator because they recognized the importance of the transport service which transported Libby to PICU and currently transports more than 1000 babies in the West Midlands annually. Their aim is to lend their support to all the neonatal units in the Midlands.

Vishna Rasiah – Consultant Neonatologist – Cardiac Lead

Birmingham Women’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

South West Midlands Maternity and New Born Network Lead

The charity have renovated parent accommodation rooms to make the rooms more homely and a lot less clinical. These rooms are used to help keep parents close to their sick babies, used for transitional care and are also sadly used for end of life care. It's important that if you can not take your baby home, to have somewhere homely and comfortable to spend time with your precious one.

We have brought comfortable chairs for units and for breast feeding and bought lots of new breast feeding pumps. 

We provide gifts for Moms on Mother's Day and for parents and babies at Christmas and deliver these to the units. 

We've launched the Libby Mae Memory Boxes which are given to parents who suffer a neonatal bereavement. 



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